Nasty Gal

Thursday, January 24

I love finding new clothes sites with gems like Nasty Gal is jam packed with. I found out about the site via lovely (and uber popular) blogger The Londoner. Ever since then I've been itching to place an order... but it's an American site and 15 dollars for it to arrive on my doorstep in 2-4 weeks. A lot can happen in 2-4 weeks. The UK could turn from an icy igloo into a tropical paradise. Unlikely, I know, but it could happen!

So I've been avoiding looking at the site, until now, in fear that I dive in and make a huge order. Instead I'll let you all take a peek at the items I'm lusting after most on the site!

Little Black Dresses
2. Elle Peplum Dress, £36.60
3. Metal Bar Dress, £49.22
5. Crusade Dress, £80.77
6. Dare You Dress, £112.32


2. Dunes Bucket Bag, £36.60
5. Pyramids Necklace, £9.47
6. Chantal Satchel, £30.29

Spring Colours

1. Skyfall Lace Dress, £55.53
3. Rose Bloom Skirt, £30.29

If anyone has actually made a Nasty Gal order, please do let me know how it went!