Mollie King in Three Floor

Wednesday, January 23

I love finding out what a celeb has been wearing and then copying their style (on the cheap). It's often a hard thing to do as, bar googling outfit keywords, their clothes could be from anywhere!

Luckily I spotted a recent celeb wear on ASOS from Three Floor.

I'd seen some of The Saturday's girls in gorgeous cut out dresses and noticed that Mollie in particular seemed to be a fan. She seems to like the deep red colour the best (as per the British Heart Foundation promo photo below), so I was pretty chuffed to find it on ASOS... until I saw the £138 price tag! Maybe not...

Still, if you fancy splashing out and treating yourself in a dress that Mollie's worn, then you can pick up the Three Floor Peep Dress here.

How much money would you spend to copy a celeb's style?