Gossip - Celebs Spotted Eating FOOD

Tuesday, January 29

A dangerous trend has progressed into the celebrity world recently. Eating.

This is not a drill. We can all ditch the no fat- no sugar-no carbs- no wheat-no gluten-no red foods diet and stuff our tummies with bread and SAUSAGES. If it's good enough for skinny minnies Abbey Crouch and Victoria Beckham, then it's A-OK for us mere mortals as well.

Hoorah, no more snacksidents at the treat table, now we can all roll around in crisps and chocolate to our hearts content (just me?).

And all because the beauties were snapped eating junk food - or in Posh's case she was just in the chippie, god knows if a battered sausage passed her lips...

I'd like to coin this new anti-diet 'you don't make friends with salad (because sausages are for life).'