Gossip - Swiftie's Locks

Friday, January 25

Taylor Swift has never really annoyed me. Sure the only things she seems to do are sing songs and date various limelit boys, but who would pass up the opportunity to snog Harry Styles?

Yet you'll never see her falling out of a club, or dissing another celeb, and she always looks beautiful, yet demure at red carpet events. She's a great role model to her Swifites, and shows them that heartbreak hotel is a place you can leave. She just chooses to battle her boy blues through writing a tune or two.

I loved her Disney shoot with Annie Leibovitz as it showed Taylor as the true Princess she is. Whilst I was envious of her flowing locks, she looked stunning as Rapunzel. I hope Taylor eventually finds her Prince Charming.

What do you think of Taylor Swift?