Leesha Lusts #1

Tuesday, January 22

Lusting after things is pretty much a daily occurrence for me. From craving three packets of crisps as soon as my bum hits my office chair, to staring longingly at the beautiful clothes in our fashion cupboard.

I don't like to deprive myself, so I do spend quite a bit of time eating crisps (I have a specified drawer at work), and scouring various fashion sites (hello ASOS).

So it's safe to say that I have this lusting skill down to a capital T. So here's what I wish was in my possession from this week...

1. This beauty is an exclusive Cambridge Satchel only available on Asos. I love that the colour is described as 'Wine Matte', it just makes me think that I can spill wine on it and it'll blend right in. Must have. £100

2. Despite thinking that I cannot pull these shorts off, I love them.When everyone went crazy for leather skirts I stayed back, envying how easily they pulled them off. So off to River Island I shall trot to try these beauties on (and sigh/cry when they look awful). £40.00

3. This watch has been sitting in my Asos wish list basket for ages. I. Just. Need. It. I loved the rose gold jewellery trend a while back, but I prefer the splash of silver in this Marc Jacobs watch for a more classic look. £185

4. A girl can never have enough pink bags. This neon pink H&M monster bag is even better for a pop of colour to brighten up an outfit. £29.99

5. This is a slight cheat as I already have these New Look pumps in nude. But I love khaki, and I adore the cute studs (although they are a little hazardous if you happen to kick yourself - I did)... £24.99

What's on your lust list?