Make - Slutty Brownies

Thursday, January 24

The name says it all for these beauties. Slutty Brownies, because they are sinfully naughty, and incredibly easy (and delicious). I saw the recipe on The Londoner's blog and just had to make them. So I did and they were beyond belief amazing!

They really are easy peasy, all you need is a brownie and cookie mix and one (I may have gone OTT and bought three...) pack of double stuffed Oreos. Then you just make up the cookie mix, layer a tin with it, then layer Oreos on top, and finally make the brownie mix and just poor it all over. Incredible.

Everyone loved Rosie's Slutty Brownies, so thanks to her for the recipe, I'll 100 percent be making them again, and again and again! Also, whilst searching Slutty Brownies, many pictures of Jessica Simpson pregnant came up... I'm not sure why?

What's your fave dessert to whip up?