Do - 13 for 2013

Wednesday, February 6

It's February, well past the 'new life overhaul' period, so now seems a good time to make a realistic list of things I'd like to do in 2013. I've had a pretty normal year settling into my amazing job at Bliss Magazine and chilling with celebs. Yuno, as you do.

Now it's time to make a change, I'll be leaving Bliss at the end of this week - eeekk! And venturing out into the big wide world of PR (hopefully, please may someone give me a job?)

Exciting times. So here are the 13 things I'd like to do this year...

1. Get a new job

2. Move in with the boyf - aww so cute

3. Move to London - cheating as it links to the above

4. Go to a comedy night

5. Go to a spa for the weekend

6. Run some sort of long (ish) distance race

7. Stop picking my eyelashes - so rank

8. Take my make-up off EVERY night

9. See my BFFs more

10. Only buy hair products when I need them

11. Buy some sort of semi-expensive bag - fingers crossed Mulbs

12. Cook a meal from scratch once a month - or bake if I don't have time!

13. Keep this blog - I am indecisive at times

What's on your 2013 aims list?


  1. Best Technical Support Number