Do - Avoid Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13

Tomorrow is the day of soppy cards, big teddies and bouquets of roses and I hate it.
I'm not bitter from a bad experience, or even stroppy because I'm single, I just despise Valentine's Day...

"What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" My friend asks.
"Avoiding my boyfriend."

Sounds harsh right? Surely we should be wrapped up in a blanket of love, reciting poems to each other whilst sipping pink champagne?

Well not me. I'm a girl and I hate Valentine's Day. The sentiment of the day is lovely and all, but do we really need a day to let someone know that we love them?

Buy a card, buy flowers, buy dinner.

Or just tell someone that you love them when you feel like it?!

We don't need to make non-loved up people feel inferior for not glowing with the aura of love. So skip the soppy sentiments and instead spend the day with someone you enjoy being with.

I'll be spending it with my cat. Because he is awesome, and he knows I'm not just telling him I love him because Cupid told me to on 14th February.

Are you a V-Day fan?