Bella Loretta Nails

Saturday, March 23

Nail art has been huge for the past year. With everything from nail pens, to stick on studs becoming popular. You can get everything from a feather to a leather texture in a bottle.

But one form of nail art has a bigger story that what we see on the high-street, and that's the amazing nail art designed by a lovely lady called Loretta...

I first met Loretta when I was working at Bliss magazine and I interviewed her about her amazing story.
She has Rheumatoid Arthritis, yet she doesn't let it define her life. She doesn't let her condition affect her life.
Instead she followed her dream and became a nail technician and she's incredible at it.

Loretta is so inspirational. She hasn't let anything stop her, and her business is growing every day.
She very kindly gave me and one of my fellow Bliss girls the chance to design our own Bella Loretta stick on nails. We literally spent days pouring over all of the amazing designs that she has on Facebook and we finally managed to choose a design each, as you can see below.

Oh and did I mention bout BEAUTIFULLY packaged they come?

And here are my beauties in all their glory <3

The best thing about Bella Loretta stick on nails is that Loretta sends you some sample nails to ensure that the fit of your painted ones is perfect.
I was so excited to receive my nails and I absolutely love them. They will definitely be a staple accessory for me this summer and I'm already torn over which design to get next!
Here are a few of the other beautiful designs that Loretta has created, there's even a One Direction set in there!

Loretta doesn't just design and create stick on nails, she also does gel manicures, and specialises in glitter!
What's not to love about her?
Her methods are healthy for your nails, and the designs are amazing.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order some amazing Bella Loretta nails!