Statement Necklaces

Monday, April 1

Single chains and dangling pendants are out, huge gems and multiple colours are in.
The statement being made with our necklaces this season is definitely 'LOOK AT ME AREN'T I PRETTY?'

There are a few ways to go about the statement necklace trend, from a subtle block colour to an array of colours and fabrics.
A statement necklace is best teamed with a plain tee or jumper, but can add an interesting dimension to a printed dress as well.

The Holly Willoughby Necklace
These necklaces are beautiful and simple without trying, and when worn with the right outfit can really look amazing.

The Kim Kardashian Necklace
This ones tries to pretend to not care if you look at them, but really they love attention.

1. Topshop Pearl Necklace, £28
2. Asos Pretty Tough Necklace, £30
3. Forever 21 Chevron Bib Necklace, £8.90
4. Asos Stud & Chain Link Necklace, £10.50

The Katie Price Necklace
It's bold and fierce, and doesn't care who hates on it. It loves the attention and wants to clash with another print.

1. Asos Habenera Coin Collar, £35
2. New Look Acrylic Plate Collar, £14.99
3. Topshop Mixed Chain Drape Collar, £50
4. New Look Turquoise and Gold Bib Necklace, £7.99

What's your fave type of statement necklace?