Gossip - Beyonce in the Mirror

Wednesday, April 10

Beyonce's had an amazing year already. Her 'Mrs Carter' tour sold out far too quickly for my liking (anyone want to sell me a ticket), she's watching her bubba Blue Ivy grow and everyone loves her.
There was that teeny tiny blip of Bow Down. As even as a seasoned and hardcore Beyonce fan, I have to say that that noise (it's not worth calling it a song) was dreadful.

Luckily Bey has teased us with a few video clips recently that bright her back to greatness.

We all love a trip down memory lane, so Beyonce's new advert for Pepsi is perfect for her fans.
She struts up to the mirrors, grabs a Pepsi and sees her bollywood self in the mirror. Many other versions of Queen Bey pop up, including her Single Ladies and Crazy in Love persona's.

A new single was previewed in the song, and a teaser of the video was released this week which sees Beyonce go blonde! You can view the behind the scenes video here.

All hail Pepsi loving Queen Bey...

What did you think of the Beyonce advert and new song?