Read - Temptation Island

Wednesday, April 3

I love to read, yet I've only written one book review on here so far!
A poor effort from me, especially as I wanted to read a book a week this year - ambitious I know!
But now I commute every morning into London, so I've actually been reading a book a week on my Kindle.

So it's time for some reviews...
First up is Temptation Island by Victoria Fox.

I love a chick lit book, and this one looked sexy, exciting and escapist - perfect for a dreary train ride!

Three young girl, three different paths, all meet on Temptation Island.

Lori is stuck in a family life where she isn't appreciated, and all she wants to do is get away and start a new life. She's the Cinderella of the story, with a dead mother, an evil stepmother and two viscous step-sisters. But as soon as her Prince appears in her life, he disappears. Leaving Lori with just a kiss. Of course Lori can't stop thinking about him and they soon meet again when she's signed to his modelling agency... But this isn't a happily-ever-after, as Lori lusts for a man she cannot have. Temptation Island lives up to its name for Lori as she's drawn towards her Prince again.

Aurora lives the perfect life, money, fame and everything she could ever want is there for the taking. But not everything glitters behind closed doors as her parents hardly talk, and her bad behaviour spirals out of control. She's sent to England to clean up her act, and meets a fascinating girl called Pascale. Pascale teaches her a vast deal about life, but Aurora still feels that part of her is missing. Pascale's cousin drives a wedge between the girls as Aurora becomes fascinated with him. But he harbours a dark secret that will blow her world to pieces.

Stevie flukes into the Hollywood life, becoming an actress by chance, and taking away the chance of another - her best friend Bibi. The girl's romantic lives are worlds apart, with Stevie meeting the love of her life, and Bibi becoming entangled in a dangerous liaison. Stevie's husband is not all he claims to be, as he's hiding something from her. Can Bibi escape her future, and Stevie's husband his past?

Temptation Island hides secrets, families, and shows how money can buy you anything you desire, even a family.

I loved this book, as I never knew what was going to happen to each of the girls. Temptation Island holds something important for every character in the book, and it changes each of their lives in a monumental way. It asks if we should be able to play God and pay to create the perfect life. Everything and everyone is interweaved in this story, but that's what makes it exciting as it all unravels to reveal the truth.

What did you think of Temptation Island?