Gossip - Say My Name

Saturday, June 22

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a baby girl into the world last weekend. Of course everyone was desperate to see photos, but what we really wanted to know was what name beginning with K they would pick for their new bubba.

How wrong we were...

What's in a name?

Your parents choose your name when you're just a few hours old, some choose it months, if not years before you're even born. They don't know if you'll like your name, if it'll suit you, or if someone will shorten it into something they hate.

My mother named me Alisha as she thought it was a beautiful name that no one could shorten. Throughout college I was known as "Ally', luckily for my mum I became Alisha again when I went to University. I never really chose my name or nickname, I just introduced myself as Alisha and people chose what they'd call me. Some of my friends and family call me Leesha, hence the name of this blog. 

I love my name. But then again I do have what I think is the best middle name ever. I am Alisha Magic Johnson. So many people don't believe me and I've had to get my ID out more times than I've had to spell out my name to someone. I love having a different middle name, and I love the story that comes with it. My parents bestowed my middle name upon me because of their love of basketball, and whilst I don't love the sport as much as they do, I love my name. It symbolises a legacy that they wanted to pass onto me, it shows that they wanted to give me something special. I love it when people close to me call me Magic or Madge, it reminds me that my parents gave me a name they loved.

I'm sure Kim and Kanye had good reasons to name their daughter North. They probably thought it was a really special name, especially with West on the end. Or they thought that it would grab the media's attention and everyone would be talking about them for years to come... probably the second one.