Friday, July 19

Having recently redesigned my blog and putting some real effort into my posts and layout, I've been making the effort to join in more with the blogging community.

So last Sunday I took part in my first ever #BBloggers chat over on Twitter (@Alisha_Magic). The topic was promoting your blog, which is of great interest to me as I'm trying to build up a follower base on social media and Bloglovin.

I first asked what everyone thought about having a separate blog Twitter as I've got a personal one at @alishamagic and a new blog one @Alisha_Magic. I created a new blog one so I didn't annoy my friends with my constant blog posts/chat. Most agreed that this was the best way with having a blog, although it does mean starting at square one with followers!

I then turned to giveaways as I know some blogging friends who have seen their followers soar just by giving away a single nail varnish. The consensus here was that this attracts followers who won't be loyal and just want the freebie. Although after further discussion I decided that small giveaways will help my blog gain followers and once I've gained some lovely, loyal followers I'll reward them with a big giveaway!

Overall I had a great time joining in with the #BBloggers chat and will definitely be taking more time to chat to other bloggers! I also found some brilliant new blogs to follow, so please do leave your
blog links in a comment or tweet me @Alisha_Magic.

Thanks to: @beautybellamie, @hannaharchers, @BeauMaquillagex, @BeckyBedbug,
@Luce_Stephenson, @unstitchedd, @IlaCoccia, @MonaHux@MASPOOASE, @Sophiaah and
@sugarfixx  for welcoming me into the chat and giving great advice!