Book Review - Revenge Wears Prada

Thursday, July 4

The Devil Wears Prada was a smash hit. Everyone adored the book so much that they made it into a film featuring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

This year author Lauren Weisberger is back, and so DWP main character Andy, in Revenge Wears Prada.
*Contains spoilers*

The book is set ten years on from when Andy famously and dramatically Runway editor Miranda Priestly to 'F*** off' and fled Paris Fashion Week.

At first I felt as though this jump was too far forward, as all of a sudden Andy is about to be married and we have no idea what she's been up to for the past ten years. Worry not though, as the book  flashes back so we see how Andy landed on her feet, eventually, and she has now found love in the form of media mogul Max.

Surprisingly an unexpected nemesis is back in Andy's life and is now her BFF. It's not Miranda Priestly, but Emily who she worked with at Runway. The two now run a successful wedding magazine together called The Plunge. But not everything can run smoothly forever...

Of course there's no Prada without Runway editor Miranda Priestly who pops back into the girls' lives unexpectedly, turning everything upside down without much effort.

I was a bit disappointed with how much Miranda was in this book, she doesn't throw any hissy fits and she seems oddly pleasant - which is all a bit too strange to comprehend. I felt as though I was waiting for the 'revenge' part of the title to take place, but it never materialised.

Andy has grown up a lot in this book and isn't willing to let Miranda control her life again, but she does seem to let Emily and Max control things, never properly standing up for herself until it's too late.

The ending of the book was a surprise, with everything crumbling down around Andy and Miranda coming out on top. This was something that I didn't expect to happen, but again Andy picks her life back up and finds happiness.

Overall, it was an interesting book with quite a few good twists and turns, but it just didn't have the punch that the first book had.
What did you think of Revenge Wears Prada?

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