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Saturday, July 6

Every summer we vow to get fit to feel confident in a bikini, but most times we don't try hard enough or we just give up. So here's how I stuck to my fitness regime this year...

This year I wanted to lose the weight that I'd gained at University and hadn't made enough effort to shift. My mother also wanted to loose some weight, so we started the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy together...

We bought the book, make a plan of a week's worth of recipes and filled our shopping trolley with greens and protein!

The diet is essentially three phases: Phase One is grains, fruit and vegetables and includes making meals like chicken and barley soup, frozen mango smoothies and turkey chilli. Phase Two is protein and vegetables and includes meals like egg white scramble, chicken salad and spicy fish. Phase Three is a mixture of the first two phases plus oils, with meals like coconut chicken curry, lentil stew and avocado and turkey salad.

Cooking all of your own meals is refreshing as you know what goes into each mouthful, and it's not full of sugar or salt or additives. Phase Two is tough during the first week but you soon get used to it. There's no hunger pangs as you eat every three hours with three meals a day and two snacks. There's specific exercise such as weights and cardio to go along with each phase.

Results - during the first week I lost five pounds without doing much of the exercise as I was commuting to London every day. Over the month I lost ten pounds and was really happy with the results. My mother has lost nearly two stone in the two months that we've been doing the diet. It resets your metabolism and makes you feel refreshed.

Over the second month I relaxed the diet, as I didn't feel that I had any more weight to lose. Instead I started running and doing a few workouts at home to tone up instead. One of my favourite workouts is from blogger Em, her ab workout is below.

Remember that it's important to be fit and healthy, not to want to be 'skinny'. Toned looks much better than bone!

What's your summer workout?

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