In Love With... Blake Lively

Tuesday, July 30

Crushes on boys come and go, but my girl crush is here to stay.
I'm totally head over heels in love with Blake Lively and I have been ever since Serena Vanderwoodsen strutted into Grand Central Station on Gossip Girl...

This is the picture that reignited my love for Blake Lively. She's on the cover of Lucky magazine all wrapped up in a gorgeous baby blue coat with perfect big wavy hair and simple make-up. Sigh.

Blake hasn't been out and about in the media much recently, as she's been too busy enjoying marital bliss with Ryan Reynolds - major green eyed monster emerging over this small fact! Is there a more perfect couple?

To me, Blake is the perfect girl and has the full package of beauty, fashion and hair.
She can dress herself impeccably without the need for a stylist. Whether it's dressing to impress in a full length gown on the red carpet or just walking around town flicking her blonde locks and buying new shoes, she has natural style.

Oh and THE HAIR.
The perfect sunkissed shade of blonde and such a great length that means she can style it in any way that she wishes. Tousled plait? Check. Beachy waves? Check. Sleek pontail. Check. The best and longest fishtail plait ever? Check.

Oh and remember that time she channelled The Little Mermaid and went red? Fierce.

Basically this is a love letter to Blake Lively and I'm not ashamed to admit it. She will always be my main girl crush and I can't wait to see her on screen in her next venture.

Here are some Blake essentials...

1. An embellished top - Topshop, £36
2. Some colourful earrings - Accessorize, £8
3. A floaty skirt - River Island, £22
4. Killer heels - Miss Selfridge, £65
5. A full-length gown - Warehouse, £90
6. Ryan Reyonlds - Out Of Stock

Just a final perfect picture to leave you with...