Dare to Go Barefaced

Tuesday, August 6

Could you ever do it? Could you go out of the house feeling naked?
Most girls will say that make-up makes them feel pretty, or safe, or just better, but why do we need this armour of war paint to face the world? Is there really anything wrong with our bare faces?

I saw Cheryl Cole barefaced last night online and couldn't help but think how beautiful she looks!
L'Oreal have released behind-the-scenes imagery of Cheryl without make-up and she looks normal.

Without an army of brushes, sponges, eyeliners and concealer she looks just like I do when I'm chilling on a Sunday at home (minus the laid-back but perfect hairstyle).

So what makes us feel as though we have to layer on the foundation and mascara before we go out? I believe that it enhances my look. I used to use a thick, gloopy liquid foundation that was far too heavy for my skin, but since switching to Bare Minerals foundation I've notice how natural my skin looks.

But would I take that next leap and go without? Probably not, unless I had a slight tan and hadn't been attacked by spots overnight!

For me, foundation and mascara are what I need to feel ready to face the day. I'm also a huge eyeliner fan, but when I forgot to put some on before work one day my world didn't collapse and no one seemed to notice. So maybe it's not to bad to go without, would everyone else even bat an unlined eyelid?

I'm still not convinced that I could be as camera ready and willing as Cheryl!

"I thought I would be nervous or apprehensive to not be able to wear any foundation on a shoot, but it's actually been quite liberating to have the freckles out in full force." Cheryl Cole.