My Beauty Regime - Skin

Sunday, August 18

Skincare is something I used to struggle with. As a teen I had awful acne and wasn't confident in my own skin at all.
As I've grown up I've discovered products that have transformed my skin and have helped me to feel beautiful again.

My ultimate skincare product was given to me one Christmas a few years ago. I was sceptical, but told that it would totally change my skin, so tried it out.
It was amazing.

The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is what it says on the tin. You cleanse your skin by rubbing in the product, removing all traces of grime and make-up with its rich, creamy texture.
Then you warm up the muslin cloth in hot water and polish your skin to reveal a clean and soft face.
At only £14.75 for 100ml and two muslin clothes, this product won't break the bank.
It really did transform my skin. If I don't use it one week, I'll get breakouts and can really notice how dry my skin gets. So if you're looking for something that's a step or two up from a face wipe and can give you glowing skin, this is it.

My next favourite product is a newbie, sent to me by Palmolive to try out.
I love trying new shower gels out, but never really thought that they did anything other than clean your body. But this Mediterranean Moments shower gel made my skin super soft.

It's infused with Argan oil and almonds and has a lovely silky feel when you lather up. I usually feel the need to cover my skin in moisturiser, but after using this my skin was perfectly hydrated!

My final skin loving product is another newbie, this time from Organic Surge.
I'd used up all my salt scrub from Sanctuary, so was browsing a few sites for a new one when I came across the Organic Surge sale.
I snapped up this huge 600g tub of salt scrub for just £8, down my £32. Unfortunately it's back up to full price now and I'm just not sure that it's worth the money.
However, at £8 it was a great buy.
Enriched with lemon, rosemary and lime, it really does smell amazing, like a fresh ocean.
It works as any salt scrub would do, removing dry skin cells and polishing your skin.
Organic Surge is a brilliant brand because their products aren't tested on animals and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
So if you're looking for a luxury salt scrub, then this is well worth buying. But if you want something a bit cheaper, I wouldn't splash out.