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Sunday, August 18

Following a blog can be just as hard work as writing it.
If you miss a post or two, you have to scroll back through their page to catch up, which can take forever.
So I thought I'd help my lovely readers out by creating a post every Sunday which rounds up the most popular posts on my blog this week... enjoy!

I was nominated for this fun award by fellow blogger Grace, it contains ten random facts about me, my answers to Grace's questions and new questions for the ten blogs I nominated.

I bought this Couture tee on a house buying spree, we weren't buying houses but bits and bobs for a new flat in London. It's a super comfy tee and was only £16!

This post was in response to seeing Cheryl Cole without make-up in the L'Oreal advert. It's all about whether I could go bare faced for the day!

I've followed Lauren Conrad since her days on The Hills, to writing books and designing her own fashion range. This is about her new collection for Kohls. Unfortunately it's not available in the UK, but I've sourced some similar outfits!

And moving up the popularity ranks on my homepage this month has been my post about how much I love Blake Lively.