Popular Posts This Week

Monday, August 26

This week has been exciting for me as I was tweeted by WIWT founder Poppy Dinsey for my WIWT Fave Outfit post!

Of course a tweet by such a hugely successful blogger drove loads of traffic to  my blog, and that post!
Here's what else has been popular, that you may have missed, this week...

This was the post that gained attention from Poppy, as it features her website and my favourite outfits.

In this post you can see outfits from Poppy, Mel from Media Marmalade and Karen from MissionStyle.

Every week (okay day) I covet something different. This week I've got back into running and would LOVE a pair of Nike neon trainers.

Buying a staple item for your wardrobe seems like a great idea, but how do you style it with everything else you already own?
Well here's now to style a simple grey T-shirt five different ways.

Day one and the conclusion of my week wearing the new Rimmel Stay Matte foundation.

And moving up the popularity chart this week is...

If you can afford a Michael Kors bag, I envy you. But for me it's still on my wish list.
When I saw this bright pink Selma Satchel in Glamour magazine, I coveted an MK bag even more!


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