Style Icon - Millie Mackintosh

Monday, August 19

Millie Mackintosh has come glossy girl Made in Chelsea days.
Not content with just being seen on screen, Millie has expanded her talents into fashion.

My favourite thing about Millie Mack is her honesty. Whether she's telling horse-faced Victoria what she really thinks of her or laughing when fiancée Pro Green posts embarrassing photos of her on social media, she seems like a girl you could have a glass of wine with and just gossip.

Millie's built up some pretty good style credentials, she was previously a make-up artist, has been the face of Lipsy VIP and has even created her own line of false eyelashes.


Millie always looks polished and perfect on screen and I'm sure that many MIC fans searched for her outfits online after the show. Luckily for us Millie's started a style diary blog.
 The great thing about her style is that she doesn't just shop in high-end stores. Millie will wear anything from Miss Selfridge to Glamorous.
Here are a few of my favourite casual looks from Millie recently...

And my favourite glitzy looks...

Oh and I can't help but be jealous of this rock...


  1. Millie is just perfect. Love her style! Always been my favourite off MIC. I remember discovering Tanya Burrs tutorials on YouTube because I was trying to find out what lipstick Millie wore haha!


    1. She's amazing isn't she! I've always admired her, but she's been so classy recently x