Topshop Wishlist

Saturday, August 31

I'm always adding things to my virtual shopping basket and wishing I could click 'checkout'. But I don't want to make my bank account weep, so instead I'll post everything I'm lusting after here!
First up is Topshop to enter Girl in the Lens' giveaway...

The thing I love the most about Topshop is the vast range of options they have. If you find a camisole that's great for summer, they'll have it in at least five different colours. Don't like really skinny jeans? Topshop has over five different types of jeans.

This makes my wishlist a bit hard, so I'm going to stick to the theme - the transitional wardrobe. I've chosen items which mean I can still wear light jeans, camisoles and floaty dresses through Autumn.