Want - Nike Trainers

Wednesday, August 21

Fitness has always been a part of my life, my parents both have sporting careers (not as professional athletes though!) and I've grown up playing netball and running and jumping down the athletics track.
Since Uni I've been slacking in the fitness department, so I've taken up running again, inspiring this week's want...

Nike dominates the sportswear industry, with many popular athletes sponsored by them, and fitness motivation social media accounts constantly tweeting pictures of fluro Nike gear.
So of course my first stop for new trainers was Nike and I found these beauties.

Nothing motivates me to keep running more than pink gear.
When I was a high jumper/sprinter, all I ever wanted was pink spikes, but no one made the ones that pro athletes wear these days.
So instead I'll be rewarding myself with these Nike Free Run Trainers £80 once I've run 80 times!
Wish me luck!