WIWT - Peachy Sky

Friday, August 16

It's always the case that when you're looking for something you won't find it. But stop looking and three will come along at once! This is often the case when I shop...

Before I went away to Spain, I was looking for a few summer dresses just to throw on and pop to the beach.
I tried my usual shopping faves, Topshop, River Island and H&M, but found nothing.
So in the Spanish heat I wore shorts and tees most days as you can see here...

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When I came home my first stop was to Topshop to check out what I'd been missing out on wardrobe-wise (obsessed, I know!)
Here I picked up these two cute summer dresses, typically after I'd been away.

So as soon as the sun came back out I threw on the blue lace dress and added a peach blazer, determined to be as colourful as possible!

Unforutnaely now the dresses are sitting in my wardrobe, begging the sun to make an appearance again!