Kensington Rooftop Gardens

Tuesday, September 24

Two weeks ago I packed up my childhood room and headed to a swish flat overlooking the river Thames in Battersea.

My first London experience was at the Kensington Rooftop Gardens and it was beautiful with three of my best friends...

We'd already bought tickets to the cinema at the Rooftop Gardens a few weeks before we moved to London, as a special treat for the end of Fran and I's first working London day.

Feeling like real Londoners already, we jumped on a train and made our way to Kensington where we grabbed some snacks and made our way up to the Rooftops.

Once there we grabbed a complimentary burger, caught up on each others gossip and investigated the gardens.

Then the flamingoes came along to prance and preen amongst us...

Of course everyone loved them so they were pretty hot property all night.

The rest of the gardens were beautiful and we soon felt ready to snuggle down with a film. So Fran and I grabbed blankets and headphones then headed in to the 'cinema' with Becky and Tessa (second picture).

We watched the Romeo and Juliet version with Leonardo DiCaprio - it was obviously amazing!! And everyone sobbed a little when the star-crossed couple tragically died for each other.

The whole cinema experience was amazing, with heaters on to keep us snug and headphones so we weren't distracted.

If you fancy heading to the rooftop garden cinema you can find out the program here.


  1. This looks awesome! I have to check it out some time because of the unique experience. Haha, pretty random having flamingos there :P

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx