Battersea Park

Monday, November 11

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so we headed down the river to Battersea park for a civilised walk. It was also a chance for me to take my new camera out and play around with it - hope you enjoy the results!

Walking along the Thames we spotted a few boats along the river. You can't pass sail boats without stopping to just watch them drift past, so we did just that.

After watching the boats for a while we carried on along the river, where a cute little Church popped out of the trees (and buildings). It was the prettiest Church in such an unexpected place.

After passing a few more bridges (aren't London bridges beautiful), we finally made it to our destination...

Battersea Park.

The park has everything from Pagodas to water fountains (they even have three different slides at the playground), so we were fully entertained for the afternoon.

As we strolled through the autumnal trees, we reach a set of water displays. So we paused to admire the water as the sun began to set.

The weather has been getting chillier this week, so we were wrapped up warm in hats and scarves.

The trees were showing the signs of autumn too, with their leaves changing from green to red.

Then it was time to head home before the sun set, for hot chocolate.

Overall a lovely Sunday in the park!