BRITA Mixology Session

Wednesday, January 22

Many people choose to ditch alcohol during January and BRITA have been on hand to help people get through this dry month...

People turn to alcohol for many reasons; to gain confidence, to relax, for an adrenaline rush, for the taste and to socialise. So this January BRITA are helping people who have given up alcohol with the BRITA Boost challenge.

The challenge consists of many different events that will combat the five main reasons for drinking, as listed above. Friday 10th January is the date that most people give up their resolutions, so BRITA hosted a mixology event to show that you can still experience great taste without alcohol.

At the mixology studio in Shoreditch, with our BRITA jugs filled with filtered water, we were taught to make delicious mocktails. On the menu was a hot toddy (great for colds), lavender sour, elderflower julep and pink champagne.

After a few hours having fun mixing mocktails, it was time for a challenge and the four groups of bloggers and journalists battled it out with their mocktail creations of an Eldernut Slammer, Thai Tumble, Tropical Delight and BRITAlicious (the winner!). 

Everyone took their own mocktail making kit away, as well as the recipes to create the BRITA mocktails at home.

Watch the event below:

Read the bloggers reviews of the evening here:

I work as part of the press office for BRITA and this review is based on my experience of the mixology event that I attended as staff.