Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge

Tuesday, January 7

Are you confident enough to take the plunge?

Wonderbra's new Ultimate Plunge is the perfect partner for those tricky to style plunging outfits.
I'm slightly biased as I work as part of their PR team, but it really is an amazing bra.

If you don't quite believe me, we sent it out to some amazing fashion bloggers to style it their own ways - and they all LOVED it!

With her pink popping hair and enviable body, Victoria looks amazing in this sequin jumpsuit from Motel - with a little help in the cleavage department from the Ultimate Plunge, of course.

"This is the dream for the girl who loves a good low cut dress or playsuit and I know I'm going to be getting my full use out of it. I'm pretty sure every lady should have one of these in their drawers really soon."

Em looks like a festive dream in her plunging full length dress. She doesn't need much help to look beautiful, but the Ultimate Plunge keeps her assets in check here!

"As one of Wonderbra's Official bloggers I was lucky enough to try out their new Ultimate Plunge bra and obviously, this dress gave me the perfect chance to try it out."

The Motel sequin playsuit was a favourite amongst the plunging bloggers and Megs styled it wonderfully for winter.

"This is a holy grail piece and every girl should own one. It takes a hell of a lot to give me cleavage and although it's not much it's made me feel SO much more comfortable and confident wearing beautiful clothes like this playsuit."

Charissa always styles her outfits perfectly. She's kept this lace plunging look simple and classy teaming it with silver jewellery and black heels. 

"For me personally if I didn't have access to a low cut bra like the Wonderbra, I wouldn't be wearing a dress like this. It gives me the confidence to wear an outfit this daring."

My favourite thing about Jo's pictures is how comfortable (and beautiful) she looks in the Ultimate Plunge. Totally confident, just like every Wonderbra girl should be.

"If you are looking for the perfect bra to go with that plungy item of clothing I really would suggest you invest in one of these."

Becky proves that bigger chested girls can find underwear solutions to tricky outfits, as the Ultimate Plunge is available up to an F cup. She looks sparkly and confident in her sequin playsuit.

"I was really amazed at how well the bra performed. Being able to wear a sassy plunging neckline without worry or having to go bra-less is a pretty awesome innovation."

Gorgeous blogging duo Lauren and Flic both chose the sequin playsuit to showcase their plunging talents. They styled the outfits in their own unique ways.

"The Ultimate Plunge was certainly the most comfy plunge bra either of us has ever worn, it doesn't dig in, it isn't tight and it still made us feel sexy."

Khila looks lovely in her plunging dress, showing that flashing legs and a bit of cleavage can look beautiful and classy.

"It's very comfortable and really holds me up well. Definitely one to consider if you have a tricky party dress."

Jessica has a quirky take on style, I love the addition of white ankle socks to this plunging look.

"I'm quite pleased with my new cleavage even if it is only because of a bra!"

So if you want to try out the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge for yourself then head on over to the website.

The Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge is available in sizes 32-36 A, 32-38 B to D and 30-38 DD to F, in nude and black, priced at £32.