Girls in the City

Friday, June 6

A few weeks ago I flew across the skies to America for my second New York adventure...

The first time I visited America, I had just turned 21 and popped to New York to celebrate with my boyfriend. We crammed as much as we could into four days, being those manic tourists you see sprinting from the London Eye to the Tower of London.

My second visit was a more relaxed affair with seven full days to fill and five other girls to keep me entertained along the way.

A must-have selfie started us off before we threw our bags down at the hotel and hot footed it to Times Square. As the sun went down the famous lights came on and we all lit up with excitement.

We nipped around the shops, grabbed an obligatory burger and went back to the hotel for a much needed cat nap.

Feeling fresh the next morning, we woke up ridiculously early (thanks jet lag) and opened the blind to...

New York City...

Feeling inspired we threw on clothes (not easy for six girls in one room, can you imagine the floordrobe?) and rushed outside.

Being Gossip Girl fans we had to stop at The Palace for a squealing and posing session.

We continued to explore the grid system, stopping at each junction to discuss just how many times we had to cross the road (I was not this excited by the end of the day!)

We walked some more and spotted a few patriotic flags along the way...

After popping into a few shops we stumbled upon Madison Square and a host of pop up stalls appropriately named Madison Sq Eats. So we ate.

After eating our weight in tacos and delightful ice cream sandwiches (thanks Melt Bakery) we headed to the Yankees stadium to become real New Yorkers.

 Apologies to every baseball fan out there, but the game was tedious. From triathlon to F1, I enjoy watching most sports, but I had more fun playing with the foam finger, drinking beer and posing for selfies - sorry!

So off home we trotted, to rest our tired soles.

To Be Continued...