Matching to the Max

Wednesday, June 4

Clashing prints are out and matching to the max is in. Where you'd once style a printed trouser with a netural top, the fashion pack are now matching prints up top as well.

Ever seen a print and wished you it was on trousers, a top and a dress (and maybe a pillow?). Well your wardrobe wish has come true as co-ordinates are well and truly embedded into every fashionistas wardrobe. See...?

Liv from What Olivia DidEm from Em Talks, Sarah from That Pommie Girl

If you want to take your print matching to the max, then opt for a matching skirt/trouser and short sleeved top combo.

Topshop Tropical Bralet £20, Topshop Tropical Midi Skirt £48

For something a little less daunting, try a matching jacket instead. That way you can always shrug it off if you're getting too many 'wow her outfit is great' looks!


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