Shake It Off

Sunday, November 23

Everyone's been dancing around the globe to Taylor Swift's latest musical offering, Shake It Off. But it's more than just the latest soundtrack on my playlist, it's a morning boost and an evening party starter.

As soon as those beat start and Taylor's 'mmm mmm' vocals kick in, I'm hooked. Flashbacks of Ms. Swift prancing around the YouTube screen in various dancers outfits fill my mind and make me feel instantly happier.

That's what I love about Taylor. She doesn't mind that people dislike her, she can make fun of herself, because all that matters is that she likes herself.

She relates to every girls who has ever felt awkward and those who may have dropped a pom pom or two...

Taylor's music is silly, fun and brings a smile to everyone's face. That's why Shake It Off will be on repeat for many months to come... Sorry, not sorry.


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