The Rose Petal Beach - Review

Tuesday, November 25

Have you heard the story of The Rose Petal Beach? The legend of the woman who gave up her whole life for love?

Author Dorothy Koomson

Storyline Tamia Challey's husband has been accused of a terrible, unthinkable crime. She wants to trust those closet to her, but how can she when they are on opposing sides? Who, if anyone, is telling the truth?

Review Whilst reading this book, as a woman, you relate with Tamia, wondering what you would do if your husband was accused of a sexual assault towards your best friend. Surely someone you trust wouldn't lie to you, but one of them must be. His marriage vows make it more likely that she's the one lying, even if you have that feeling  in the pit of your stomach that she's telling the truth.

Throughout the story you're sure that Scott, the husband, did it. As more of his sinister characteristics are revealed it becomes more likely that he has a dark side. Then the accuser, Mirabelle, is murdered and it seems logical that Scott has taken revenge for plating seeds of doubt in Tami's mind. However, what I didn't understand about this novel is that it's never mentioned that Scott could be a suspect. I was sure that it was him, but there were no clues that pointed in his direction.

As more layers of Scott's lies unravel, Tami's whole world comes crashing down multiple times. This story feeds the doubt in everyone's mind that the ones they love may one day betray them. The way in which Scott does so is extreme, which removes the feeling that it could be the readers' life.

When Mirabelle's murderer is revealed, it's not necessarily who you'd expect. Personally, I did't agree with who it turned out to be, as it seemed completely seperate to the story, just like another strand of drama which occurs with Tami's other best friend Beatrix.

Sometimes the story seemed as though there were too many levels of drama added in to make Tami's life a confusing, complex layer of trust and betrayal. Overall it was an interesting book as you want to find out the truth, but a few pieces of Mirabelle's puzzle just didn't seem to fit.